Book Release: The Misfits of San Fernando Valley

Fast forward 3 years and I finally have my first published novel!

Thanks to everyone for the support and I hope you enjoy it!

It is now ready to be added to your Kindle library 🙂

Any feedback is more than appreciated –

Thank you all again!

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Question and Answer with Chase Harrington – Round One

Pam (Florida, United States of America) via Twitter – Who are your biggest inspirations when writing?

Answer – My girlfriend and my family, especially my mother who got me into writing in the first place. I have most certainly inherited her ‘Writing Gene’.

Scott (Helsinki, Finland) via email – I’m really excited for your up and coming debut novel – ‘The Herd’, when is it going to be released?

Answer – I’m glad you’re excited for the novel Scott. The novel should be ready post-summer time. I hate to admit this but I’m already half-way through my second novel! So recently I’ve been focusing my time and efforts on that. However, I’ll be sending The Herd manuscript off to publishers, if that fails, I’ll be self-publishing it.

Naomi (London, England) via Twitter – Are you really a Sociologist?

Answer – I’d like to think I am! I graduated with a First Class degree in Sociology and have always been interested in globalization and humanitarian causes (gender inequality, ethnic rights, the developing world). I’m no expert but yes, I would claim I am a ‘Sociologist’.

Peter (Wellington, New Zealand) via Twitter – What is your profession? (If you don’t mind me asking).

Answer – Not a problem Peter, I’ll happily share with you that I am a Proofreader. Previously, whilst at university, I worked in a shoe store to subsidize my living expenses and tuition fees. I also have a wardrobe full of smart shoes that have never even been worn! (Oh, the perks of free shoes!)

Rebecca (Liverpool, England) via Twitter – If you could sit down and meet a celebrity, who would you choose?

Answer – Easily Mac Miller. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him, he’s very well known in the United States and prominent in the Rap Game. I remember I found his music way back in 2009 and I knew he was going to be a star, a real talent. He’s grown and evolved so much it’s hard to comprehend. Moreover, I went to a concert of his in Brixton (I could write a book about that night due to my writer’s memory) and everything just clicked. When he walked out on that stage to rapturous applause (it was a small venue since it was an ‘intimate gig’ with only one hundred people in attendance), I was in awe, completely awestruck. His album; Watching Movies with the Sound Off had just dropped the previous day and honestly, to hear and to almost know somebody who had worked so hard to perfect their craft… Amazing. That was the moment I took my own writing seriously and I remember thinking to myself ‘I need to make a legacy just like him’. So yeah, bit of a curve-ball that answer but it’s the truth. One day I really hope to meet him and even give him a signed copy of my novel.

Alfonso Cuadrado (Santa Marta, Colombia) via Twitter – What music do you listen to?

Answer – Hello Alfonso, I listen to anything and everything. However I have a strong inclination for classic rock and modern Hip-Hop. However, from the top of my head, my favourites are – Mac Miller, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Beatles, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kanye West, The Doors, Nirvana, Kula Shaker, Schoolboy Q, Tame Impala, Saving Abel, Kid Cudi and many, many more…

Vanessa (New Orleans, United States of America) via Twitter – What books are you currently reading?

Answer – I’m currently occupied by 1984 by Orwell, Norwegian Wood by Murakami and The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas (which is more of a tome than a book!). All of these are excellent pieces of literature which I would recommend to anyone.

That’s all for Round One of the Question and Answer with Chase Harrington. I hope you enjoyed reading it and please feel free to send me a question via email at or tweet me at @ChaseTheAuthor

Best wishes to all you lovely lovely people, until next time…